Is autism curable?

September 21st, 2007

Q: Is autism curable and what is the treatment used for it?


No,autism is not curable.But you can make it a lot better.

I used to go to parents groups and stop going because so much negativism.I follow my own instints(after all Im the person who knows my child best)and Im doing everything that feels right for me.DAN protocol is a must if you really want to make a diference.

Autism does not just affect the brain it also affects the inmunological system and the organs in the body(check april07 DISCOVERY MAGAZINE articule “Autism not just in the head” where this is explain)Lab test are done BEFORE to see if your child has high levels of toxic metals due to vaccinations and the enviroment they also check for yeast overgrowth(very common among kids in the spectrum)food allergies…so your DAN doctor can recomend probiotics,multivitamins,enzim… and Chelation (Im doing this with patch others do it with oils,oral and IV the last one I wont recomend on very young children.

If you don’t have a DAN doctor start by giving your child fish oil(very important:mercury-free..please… remove casein from your kid diet.My son finally slept well after I removed the casein.The food your kid craves the most is usually what the allergic to.

Your doc will recomend a CFGF Diet (casein-gluten free diet).Im taking CFGF diet to the next level by doing B.E.D diet which eliminates the yeast and allergies but you have to go slow and just if your child has this problem which i very common.Feed your child as natural as possible and organic avoid processed food,artificial sugars.

I heard also about a diet call feingold or something like that.As for therapies is always better 1:1 and home-based if possible.There is Floor time,P.L.A.Y.,ABA,RDI and Autism Treatment Center of America Son-Rise Program.I chose son-rise for my son and started 3 months ago and he is making wonderful progress he starting to say his first words!

There are kids who had fuly recovered from autism from all diferent programs and you can watch them at this website…

People will tell you bad things about every program according to their very subjective opinion as in my case just to find out that people like to talk without really knowing.Dont let them slow your search.I will recomend you to find out information by yourself about each program costs,scholarships,approach…… remember is finding the program that fits best your child and not the otherway around.

Every autistic child is so diferent.There are many kids who had fully recovered other almost recovered the important thing is to help them reach their full potential wherever that one is for your child .So cheer up and hold your beautiful child’s hand and guide him/her.You are his/her only streigth.Believe in your child potential.They are very perceptive show a positive actitud and he will trust you and will be more open to you and to this world.Don’t let anyone dictate your child future or potential.And trust yourself.Wish you the best.

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