Test of adult autism

October 27th, 2007

The adult autism syndrome does not have an explicit definition yet, we enumerate the present general self-examination method here.If the result indicated that you have three items at least, then you might have to be careful! You have perhaps already suffered from the new city syndrome: “Adult autism”!

To test if you have adult autism:

1.Have little interest to collective activities, does not get on well with others, cannot sympathize with the happiness of collective activities.

2.Lack of social communication skills, not good at using facial expression, hand signals and postures to communicate with other people .

3.Like to self- seal, lack of emotive reaction and observation to the outside world.

4.When you are ill or upset,you will not ask for sympathy; when others get ill or upset,you don’t feel it necessary to sympathy or comfort them.

5.The language ability obviously suffers injury, cannot understand the coversation completely sometimes, not used to expressing your need , very little inquires, also don’t respond to other people much.

6.Accustomed to repeat mechanical movements or postures, excessively be infatuated with certain things, and obtain enormous satisfying.

7.Frequently speak to yourself, not happy, don’t sleep well and agitated.

If you more than 3 items of symptom on you,then you might have adult autism!

If you want to know how to treat adult autism,please check the next article of Autism-World.

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