How to control behaviors of autisitc children

February 19th, 2008

Because of the mental retardation of children with autism, they often have many bad behaviors. How to deal with these behaviors? Here’s some tips that might be helpful.

1. If the autistic kid shows bad behavior, try to shift his/her attention by something interesting.

2. Sometimes, child with autism would hit head of himself/herself ,or shooting his/her cookies to draw your attention. When this happens, if you behave like very concerned, then the kid would feel being encouraged, and he/she would do that again and again. So, you should just ignore the child then.

3. Autistic children are so bad at lauguage skills that they cannot express their needs. So, they often hurt someone else or something to draw attention. Parents should teach them how to communicate with others.

4. When the child has bad behaviors, parents could hold his/her hands for one or two minutes, no matter how hard the child struggles, don’t let go. Commonly, this is useful for “hitting head”, “throwing things”, “tearing wires”,etc. After that, you should teach them some reasonable ways to vent emotions.

5. Hugs are also useful to calm autistic children. Hugs could aid to control the emotions of kids. And they are very important to young children.

6. Make better entironment by giving the kid some space that totally belong to him/her and hiding the things that may lead to unnormal behaviors.

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